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so DON'T stop me nooowww...


Um... This has been sitting in my art folder for a really long time now, so I figured I should post it before it REALLY gets outdated.

This is a comic that features the boys from Panic! at the Disco (which is a band, not a Fall Out Boy song). It's outdated because I drew it before Brent left the band. And also because I don't draw as shittily as this anymore. (I can make up words; I'm Travissss.)

The first picture is something I drew in my... chibi style... thing... that sparked a conversation between me 'n Sonny (pznxn__kerosene), which subsequently sparked the featured comic.

I'm talking too much now, so ON WITH THE COMICS.

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...XD Explanations?
Brendon- Because I always thought his hair was REALLY POOFY. VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO LIKE WHOA.
Ryan- ...PMS.
Spencer- He can string a sentence together without "Um" or "like."
Brent- ...Don't flame me, Sonny made this one up.

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XD My art is so bad...

Disclaimer: I don't know the boys, and I don't mean to be... mean. I love them, and I love to make fun of them even more. :X
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This is really good! I can't draw cartoons that style but I think it's really good. I'll put something up tomorrow as soon as my scanner is working.
P.S. I love the 'Volumizing' thingy. I agree 100%
Yeah, his hair was huge. Not anymore though... Not since he got it cut... *sob*
I prefer Brendon's hair before. But I love Ryan's hair now.
I love Brendon's hair both ways... Ryan's hair is better short.
Haha, thanks! It's not the best I've ever done... but I'm pretty proud of it. ^_^

Ahaha, I knew I recognized your username from somewhere, and then I remembered that you write at slashatthedisco.

I can't wait to see your comic. ^_^ Scanners are bastards sometimes.
I like it too.

Yes, I do write there, on occasion.


I'm leaving you a comment... even though I'm talking to you on MSN... because I fucking can! >D OOoo I'm badass now. [/stupidity yarite]

It was not shittily drawn D: I thought it was too too cute and I loved it like whoa. I even put that Panic! piccha on my speshul wall of my room! :D Remember how obssessed I was with it? ahahhahaa ♥ I still love it. And that koala picture you drew me, that is positively adorable and makes me feel happier. Oh good, now the people are going to flame me about Brent's nickname. :| Thanx Travis. But I didn't make it up either XD

I think I'm done rambling. ilu Traviiiisss :D And post more. Silly goose.


>O! I'm going to post some more... someday. >> << >>

I'm glad you still like the koala drawing. X)

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I don't even know if that worked. XD

Someday being like... today, for example? :D

Of course I still like the koala drawing! :3 a;dslkjkjdfsdfs. omgz. I'm listening to 'Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn'... again. The video is lulz and so is the one for 'Call N' Return' lolz. Yes, I am slow.

XDDD We need to get the frreal Richterr to do that heart thing. Or make one yourself :]

I want to see that part in the book. D:

Oh, and it's no fair photobucket screws up my comics. :S
Book? What book?
The Scarlet Letter or something?
OH! XD Yeah. Well you'll see... uh... someday. -___-

I saw the name Chauncey again in my book.

CHAUNCEY IS HAUNTING SAWNII!!! *screech* kajsdfkljdfk;jdsf
Erm, I mean a different book that I'm reading now.
I love it :]]]
I'm amazed at Spencer's talent.
Except I can't say anything without saying "err"
I think you're rather good at drawing :]
Haha, thanks. ^^;

Spencer is an amazing drummer. I was watching him at the concert and it was... wow.

I don't know if I have any speech habits... Maybe "You know" and "like," which is pretty normal. P_P