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so DON'T stop me nooowww...


Um... This has been sitting in my art folder for a really long time now, so I figured I should post it before it REALLY gets outdated.

This is a comic that features the boys from Panic! at the Disco (which is a band, not a Fall Out Boy song). It's outdated because I drew it before Brent left the band. And also because I don't draw as shittily as this anymore. (I can make up words; I'm Travissss.)

The first picture is something I drew in my... chibi style... thing... that sparked a conversation between me 'n Sonny (pznxn__kerosene), which subsequently sparked the featured comic.

I'm talking too much now, so ON WITH THE COMICS.

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...XD Explanations?
Brendon- Because I always thought his hair was REALLY POOFY. VOLUMIZING SHAMPOO LIKE WHOA.
Ryan- ...PMS.
Spencer- He can string a sentence together without "Um" or "like."
Brent- ...Don't flame me, Sonny made this one up.

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XD My art is so bad...

Disclaimer: I don't know the boys, and I don't mean to be... mean. I love them, and I love to make fun of them even more. :X
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