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ohsnapz_comix's Journal

Pudding comix
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This is a community basically for any comics made by yourself or submitted with permission exempting ones that are basically pornography. Go find another community that accepts those. Satires are welcomed, be they of bands or people or whatever. Any style is accepted, we're not out to be elitists here. Stick figures are lovely too.

The information and layout are being edited. Please be patient. The mods of this community are idiots and have been infected by Sonnyitis. Don't blame us. Blame the koala.

Mods and/or maintainers are pznxn__kerosene and black_el_kitty.


1. Please post on-topic
2. Don't start any fights/arguements... No drama. Con crit is welcome, but no bashing.
3. Clearly state what kind of comic it is... like if there's an actual person in it, who they are and/or a brief summary.