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I bring you yet another MCR-parody-poking-fun-at-Gerard comic.

Also, thank you so much to all of you that joined/are watching this community ♥ You make me happy that my first comm didn't go down in flames ♥ ^^ I can't speak for Richterr because I don't know if she's made any or not. Pff.

But, we are both obviously rather challenged in promoting this community, so if any of you are willing to help, we would appreciate it a lot. I for one don't have any banners or anything that SParkles [okaysorry] that would catch anyone's eye. So, if anyone is a genius at making banners in our midst, we would love you. Or at least I would love you.

It's possible we may get off our lazy asses and actually draw something tailored to the promotion of this comm, but you never know. Should that ever happen, maybe you guys could pass it along?

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so DON'T stop me nooowww...


Um... This has been sitting in my art folder for a really long time now, so I figured I should post it before it REALLY gets outdated.

This is a comic that features the boys from Panic! at the Disco (which is a band, not a Fall Out Boy song). It's outdated because I drew it before Brent left the band. And also because I don't draw as shittily as this anymore. (I can make up words; I'm Travissss.)

The first picture is something I drew in my... chibi style... thing... that sparked a conversation between me 'n Sonny (pznxn__kerosene), which subsequently sparked the featured comic.

I'm talking too much now, so ON WITH THE COMICS.

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Disclaimer: I don't know the boys, and I don't mean to be... mean. I love them, and I love to make fun of them even more. :X
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Good And Bad News

Durr, okay. First time posting here. More people should post here, I like these comic like things.

It features Gerard Way and Bob Bryar of My Chemical Romance, and it talks about the rest of the band members.
Even if you don't know the members of the band, you'll probably still get it. Somewhat. It makes fun of their... attributes, I guess?

I hope it's readable.

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I also hope it was enjoyable =P
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put a spike in my heart


pznxn__kerosene and I drew this during the stupid standardized tests today. :D Please enjoy the randomness of it, and if it's hard to read, I'll try to go over the words and re-upload it. ^^;

It's a random kid and Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance. If you don't know him... hopefully this will still be entertaining. xD

It's rather HUGE, so be warned... Dial-up users...

It's his mic, bitchesCollapse )

I hope it turned out all right. XD
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Alright, I guess I'm posting first....

So here's my comic about... uh... Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance. Yup, if you don't like Gerard being made fun of.... please do not look at this comic [I'm rather mean to him, I don't know why. Him and a few other people. Yes I know I should go jump off a bridge of some sort.]

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